Prospective Presidential Candidates

Prospective Presidential Candidates

As I transition from posting thoughts solely on Facebook I thought I should lead off with a series of blog posts I’ve already started to create.

Due to the fact that I live and work in Southeastern New Hampshire I’m privileged with the opportunity to meet many prospective presidential candidates as they campaign for consideration in the presidential primaries. As a political junkie I’d attend these events whether I was blogging about it or not, but I thought others might be interested in my perspectives as well and might be able to benefit from my privilege.

My write-ups will not be unbiased. I was describe my experience based on my evaluation of the candidates with respect to my personal criteria and background. Primarily this means I will be looking for progressive candidates and candidates who value rational decision making and have experience in using science and data and logic when crafting policy. While my politics are best categorized as progressive, I also consider myself to be the product of rural culture, so there is a strong bent toward practical policies, self-reliance, and economic reality in my politics as well.

As I write these I welcome feedback, or questions about the candidates and I’ll try to help pass on what information I can to help inform your evaluation of candidates as well. Thanks for reading.

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